myCareCentric Epilepsy is a digital health management solution. It is a combination of a patient portal via a mobile app, integrated digital care records, wearable technology, clinical communication and workflow, data analysis and machine learning tools.

  • Patient information from GPs and hospitals is collected into a single record using Graphnet’s CareCentric software that can be accessed by both clinicians and patients through a mobile app (i.e. smartphone or tablet).
  • This integrated record can only be collected and shared with the patients’ explicit consent.
  • Patient records are supplemented by healthcare data and lifestyle data captured via wearables and the Windows Universal App and stored in Microsoft Health/Health Vault.
  • Wearable technology provide sensors for the development of the seizure classifier (heart rate, skin conductance, gyroscope and accelerometer) and tracks aspects of a patient’s health that are crucial in understanding their epilepsy (e.g. sleep and exercise).
  • Patients can also contribute data about mood, stress levels, alcohol intake, diet and medication compliance – providing a holistic view of the patient. Information gathered will include textual, visual and audio data. This will be combined with the temporal, spatial and contextual information relevant to the epileptic seizures of a patient.
  • There is the potential to detect and even predict seizures using health analytics and evidence-based care via Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and Microsoft Stream Analytics.

The solution is being further developed to enable family and close friends to supply information which can be used to enrich the life-logging dataset. Social networks are often closely involved in supporting patients with epilepsy because of the unpredictability of and risks associated with seizures.

The aim is that novel clinical pathways, including real-time pre-emptive interventions, will reduce the costs of care and improve the treatment of a life-altering condition.